Summer Walk: Selkirk to Melrose

A Party 10 mile walk set off with David Palmer as walk leader along the Abbey Way. passing Cauldshiels Lock and Abbotsford House to finishing along the River Tweed at Melrose.

B Party Galashiels to Melrose 5 mile walk set off through the woods surrounding Abbotsford House then followed the River Tweed into Melrose.


The weather was overcast with one or two light showers passing quickly over before brightening at the end of the day.


Flora and Fauna

Swans, Herons, Oystercatchers and Mallard ducks with their ducklings were spotted along the Tweed banks.


Borage, wild strawberries in flower, marsh marigold, Bluebells, wild yellow pansies, violets, common vetch, chickweed, stitchwort, Red Campion, Horse Chestnut in flower, Hawthorn in bloom, meadow buttercup, Cuckooflower, Wood Avens, Gorse, Broom, Cow Parsley, Forget-me-not, Germander Speedwell, Corn Marigold, Bird’s foot Trefoil were amongst some of the Flora seen along the walks.

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