Freely available mapping services:

  •  OS Open Data gives access to freely available maps from the Ordnance Survey
  • MAGIC Maps
    MAGIC brings together environmental information from across government. It is hosted by Defra and managed by Natural England
  • Google Maps
    Maps and aerial photos from around the world
  • Google Earth
    3D images
  • Bing maps
  • Streetmap

If you have a smart phone you might like to try out the FieldTripGB App

Fieldtrip GB is a mobile mapping and data collection app that is available for iPhone and Android devices.  It has been developed by EDINA, based at The University of Edinburgh as a free app for academic use and it allows you to collect data  against high quality cartographic maps.  The main features of the app are:

Free to download and use

High quality background maps that offer rich data in both urban and rural environments

Map caching to allow off-line use

Data capture

Custom data collection forms that allow users to define the data they want to capture.

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