Summer Walk: Melrose and Eldon Hall

Again over 40 members set off stopping off in Jedburgh for a coffee on the way there and Hexham on the way home.


A Party headed off for the hills and had a much improved 6 mile walk although some gradients were very steep. They were surprised by Fell runners racing the three peaks.


B party headed past the Abbey walking along the River Tweed breaking at half-way at Abbotsford visitor centre where half the party caught the coach back to Melrose for some shopping, the other half walked back to Melrose along the disused railway line. Clocking up a longer walk than the A party at 6 miles 300 yards.

The weather and conditions could not have been more different from last time. The sun was out and there was a little gentle breeze, perfect for walking.

Flora and Fauna

Jacobs sheep, ducks with ducklings, Hares, young calves suckling, Herons, Ravens, Crows, Swifts, butterflies and a bird of prey were amongst some animals seen along the Tweed


Red Campion, Borage in a beautiful variety of shades, buttercups, sweet smelling Wild Roses in abundance, honeysuckle, Gooseberries in fruit and Blackberries in flower, Holly and Ivy, Beech in fruit, Elderflower in flower, Foxgloves, Asters and violets were amongst some of the very many flowers that we were lucky enough to see




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