North Middleton

17/09/16 North Middleton to Wooler ‘A’ Ken Armstong ‘B’ Janet Heckels/Maria Regan

37 members set out on a dry and warm day to Northumberland stopping for coffee at the Heighley Gate Garden Centre. At North Middleton 18 members set out on the ‘A’ walk while after lunch 18 members set out on the ‘B’ walk. Both walks were linear finishing in Wooler. The ‘A’ walk followed a minor road to Coldgate Mill then crossed the Carey Burn for a walk through Happy Valley, a level grassed area surrounded by hills. At the next bridge we endured a steep ascent on stony tracks past Steely Crag where we stopped for lunch before continuing on to Broadstruther, an isolated cottage. We descended across the fell to reach the Carey Burn again. While we sat and enjoyed a fruit stop in glorious sunshine we spied a couple of crickets in the grass next to where we were sitting. We crossed Wooler Common and passed through woodland with some clarty paths before stopping for tea on Horsdon Hill then descended into Wooler. After a prolonged stop we travelled directly home. Flowers: foxglove, gorse, harebell, heather, herb robert, ragged robin, rosebay willowherb, st. johns wort, tormentil and water mint. Other: brambles and 2 grasshoppers.

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