Summer walk: Allendale Town 15/04/17

15/04/17 Allendale Town  ‘A’ Jennifer Bell  ‘B’ Ken Nevin

On Easter Saturday with another forecast of heavy rain showers 31 members travelled to Allendale Town after stopping for coffee in Hexham. Both parties, ‘A’ 13 members and ‘B’ 18 members set out on their respective walks almost immediately upon arrival in Allendale Town. The ‘B’ walk crossed the town square and descended into woodland for a pleasant riverside walk adjacent to the River East Allen. Lots of wild flowers were spotted in this wood. We crossed the road at Cattonlea Haughs and continued along the riverside. After lunch on a grassy clearing we continued on but the path became more difficult as it had been washed away in places by last year’s floods. This was followed by a very steep ascent to reach open fields and a blustery cold wind. Lots of ladder stiles were crossed and at one point the leader had to ring a bell once before we crossed a particular field which had a golf driving range above our heads and then he rang another bell twice to indicate that we had crossed the field. A couple of stray golf balls were collected from this field. We reached Colliery Lane, a narrow minor road with high walls on both sides. We descended to a remote house called Oakpool and rejoined the river to head back to Allendale Town. However, due to more footpath erosion we had to endure a really steep climb through woodland where we spotted a deer. After a steep descent and field tracks we eventually reached a main road. A short stretch of road walking brought us back to Cattonlea Haughs where we retraced our route back to Allendale. Fortunately no rain today, only a very blustery wind. After an extended stop the coach travelled directly home. Flowers: blackthorn blossom, bluebell, coltsfoot, cowslip, cuckoo flower, dog violet, dogs mercury, early purple orchid, forget-me-not, gorse, greater stitchwort, lesser celandine, marsh marigold, opposite leaved golden saxifrage, primrose, ramson, red campion, strawberry flower, wood anemone, wood sorrel. Other  curlew, dead moles on fence, 3 deer, dipper, grouse, hare, heard cuckoo, heron, pied wagtail, rabbits.

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