Summer walk: Danby centre

21/07/18 Danby Centre  ‘A’ Bill Sillitoe  ‘B’ Eddie Ashburner

On a dry but overcast day 35 members travelled to Danby stopping for coffee in Guisborough. The coach parked up for the day at the Danby Moors Centre and 10 members set off on the ‘A’ walk. Shortly afterwards 25 members left on the ‘B’ walk, crossing playing fields where a large contingent of Asian families were enjoying games and activities in the warm sunshine. We were told it’s an annual event with several coaches making the journey from the Middlesbrough area. As we crossed a footbridge over the River Esk a kingfisher was spotted – a nice start to the walk. We followed Easton Lane and field tracks to pass the remains of Danby Castle and continued along Castle Lane to Slate Hill House. Here we ascended over Ainthorpe Rigg. The distant views were very clear and cotton grass was growing all around. We sat for lunch alongside the dusty track and on several occasions caught sight of grouse with baby chicks wandering in and out of the heather. The descent took us past Low Coombs Farm to rejoin Easton Lane and we retraced our steps back to the Danby Moors Centre. There was plenty of time to sit and enjoy refreshments and ice-cream in the glorious afternoon sunshine while awaiting the return of the ‘A’ party. The evening stop was in Guisborough. Flowers: black medick, cotton grass, foxglove, greater knapweed, heath bedstraw, ling, meadow cranesbill, meadowsweet, ragwort, red campion, tormentil, yellow loosestrife. Other: bilberries, eels, grouse, kingfisher, lords and ladies, sloes.

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