Wooler Circular

‘A’ Jennifer Bell  ‘B’ Gillian Walton

One full coach set out in the rain to Wooler stopping for coffee at the revamped Heighley Gate Garden Centre.  At Wooler we parked in the bus station and although it wasn’t raining as the ‘A’ party set away it didn’t take long before it started.  The ‘A’ party walked to Wooler Common and ascended through wet soggy ground due to all the rain the previous week. We ascended Kenterdale Hill and passed through woodland to emerge on the open fells with a heavy shower of rain. We descended to the Carey Burn in full spate and sat next to it for lunch. We crossed the fells to Commonburn House and we couldn’t cross the ford but  fortunately there was a footbridge closeby. After more climbing we joined the St Cuthbert’s long distance footpath crossing Black Law and Gains Law. We deviated onto a different path to walk on the flanks of Humbleton Hill where we stopped for tea. The path emerged in the hamlet of Humbleton and after a short stretch of quiet road walking we crossed fields to emerge at the far end of Wooler near the tourist information centre.

Flowers: bluebell, broom, celandine, garlic mustard, gorse, ground ivy, hazel catkin, honesty, primrose, red dead nettle, 3 cornered leek, violet, white dead nettle, wood anemone, wood sorrel, yellow archangel.`

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