Ambleside Circular

06/05/12  ‘A’ Sharron Lea  ‘B’ George Gibson

On a bank holiday weekend 61 travelled to the Lake District on a coach and a minibus, stopping for coffee at the Tebay Services. As we got nearer to Ambleside the travelling became very slow due to the amount of traffic. The ‘A’ party, 15 in number, set out almost immediately and after lunch, the ‘B’ walk (11 members) did a linear walk to Grasmere following the coffin route after visiting the waterfalls. 7 members decided to do an alternate walk to allow time to look around Ambleside. We walked to High Sweden Bridge on a beautiful, warm sunny afternoon.  It was a steep climb to the bridge but we enjoyed spotting all of the spring flowers along the route.  We returned to Ambleside by descending grassy tracks through fields with wonderful views of Lake Windermere glistening in the distance.

Flowers: bluebell, cuckoo flower, greater celandine, green alkanet, lesser stitchwort, marsh marigold, opposite leaved golden saxifrage, primrose, ramson, tormentil, violet, welsh poppy, wild strawberry, wood sorrel.

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