Alwinton Circular

‘A’ Ken Armstrong  ‘B’ Pat Gardner

After a week of heavy rain it was expected to be another wet day but the forecast said that beyond North Tyneside the day would be dry but cool and for once it was right.  51 members came today and the coffee stop was spent at the Heighley Gate garden centre. At Alwinton, we managed to park in the National Park’s car park and 21 set out on the ‘A’ walk.  The ‘B’ walk set away after lunch starting with a steep climb. Meanwhile, due to a knee injury 2 of us opted for an easier leisurely walk to the chapel at Biddlestone.  We followed Clennell Street (old roman road) for a short while then crossed fields and passed through a caravan site to reach a stony track over fields and then a minor road led to the chapel. Although it was locked the surrounding area was pleasant and peaceful as we sat for lunch.  We decided to retrace our steps back to Alwinton as the alternative route was through lots of fields and no doubt lots of stiles. Although Alwinton is a tiny hamlet, the pub was open and busy with locals.  Therefore refreshments were available while we waited for the return of the ‘A’ party. On our return journey before we reached Rothbury, a large pig and several piglets ran from a farmyard onto the side of the road. We also saw a vole then a rabbit run across the road ahead.

Flowers: bluebell, broom, celandine, cherry blossom, cowslip, crosswort, forget-me-not, germander speedwell, gorse, green alkanet, ground ivy, marsh marigold, opposite leaved golden saxifrage, primrose, red campion, red dead nettle, rowan blossom, stichwort, sweet cicely, vetch, violet, water aven, white dead nettle, wild strawberry, wood aven.

Other: bee, bracket fungi, british soldiers fungi, buzzard, chaffinches.

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