Summer walk: Bainbridge

26/05/18 Bainbridge Circular  ‘A’ Jack Armstrong  ‘B’ Joan Armstrong

A good turnout of 53 members for our outing to the Yorkshire Dales stopping for coffee in Richmond. 16 members set out on the ‘A’ walk in glorious sunshine. The ‘B’ party, 28 in number, set away shortly afterwards following field paths and minor roads to Countersett where we viewed the Quaker’s chapel. We descended to Semerwater and stopped for lunch on the pebbly foreshore. Semerwater is the second largest natural lake in North Yorkshire after Malham Tarn. It is half a mile long and covers 100 acres. The water was glistening in the warm sunshine. We followed field paths alongside the River Bain, the shortest named  river in England. Pink footed geese and their goslings were spotted in the river and Canada geese were grazing in one of the fields. We ascended Bracken Hill and admired the marvellous views all around. We descended back into Bainbridge and enjoyed afternoon tea and ice-cream sitting outside a cafe.The evening stop was in Leyburn. Flowers: bloody cranesbill, celandine, chickweed, crosswort, eyebright, forget-me-not, germander speedwell, green alkanet, herb bennet, herb robert, ladys smock, lilac, marsh marigold, may blossom, milkwort, perennial cornflower, pignut, primrose, ramson, red campion, silverweed, spleenwort, sweet cicely, tormentil, tufted vetch, water aven, white dead nettle, yellow waterlily. Other: Canada geese, curlews, oyster catchers, pink footed geese with goslings.

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