Summer walk: Ambleside

9/06/18 Ambleside Circular  ‘A’ David Palmer  ‘A-‘ Geoff Palmer  ‘B’ Margaret Palmer

46 members set out for the Lake District on a warm and sunny day. After coffee at Haughton Hall garden centre we travelled on to Ambleside where the Great North Swim was taking place in Windermere. Traffic was busy and parking was a bit of a problem but Brian managed to squeeze the coach into a parking bay. Only 5 members set out on a tough ‘A’ walk while 10 members opted for the ‘A-‘ walk.  21 members left on the ‘B’ walk. Immediately upon leaving the car park we climbed up on a side road to reach Skelghyll Wood. Stony tracks were followed to Jenkin Crag where views across the Lake were admired. We sat here on the rocky outcrops for lunch. The walk continued over the fells to High Skelghyll then we descended through fileds covered in meadow buttercups to reach the main road. Typically, it started to rain after we had left the cover of the woods. The shower was particularly heavy and before long we were all soaked. As we walked along the roadside path, various runners passed us going in the opposite direction. We joined a lakeside path which was a relief to leave the noisy traffic behind. At the yacht club we stopped for refreshments and had a chance to dry out in the warm clubhouse. When we left, the rain had ceased and we returned to Ambleside. As usual, it was a glorious evening as we left the Lake District to travel home stopping in Hexham for the evening stop. Flowers: betony, black medick, eyebright, forget-me-not, foxglove, germander speedwell, heath bedstraw, herb bennet, herb robert, ivy leaved toadflax, milkwort, oxeye daisy, ragged robin, ramson, silverweed, spearwort, tormentil, tufted vetch, Welsh poppy, yellow archangel, yellow pimpernel.

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