Hawick Circular

 ‘A’ and ‘B’ leader Peter Gilliland

42 members travelled to Hawick in the Scottish Borders  stopping for coffee at the Jedburgh woollen mills. There was only one walk today as the ‘A’ leader had sprained her ankle the night before and was unable to walk. Therefore a combined ‘A’ and ‘B’ party walk was arranged instead.  38 members set out at 12 noon from the Common Haugh car part where there was a market in progress. There was a climb up Langs Road and Rosalee Brae to a track over fields then a further climb uphill through fields annd moorland to reach an electricity substation and onwards onto Heip Hill. Good views over to Rubers Law in Denholm where the ‘A’ walk was supposed to be today. Following the path across the hill to Killilaw Moss where we stopped for lunch. The walk continued downhill on tracks where we met a couple of shooters concealed in an open topped hide with decoy birds scattered on the ground and walls. After walking round a large barn to reach the Dean Burn we crossed a bridge and saw a multitude of orchids. We continued on to a road junction with Overhall Road then sheltered under the trees during a heavy shower before turning right on a track through woodland to meet the River Teviot and a walk through Wilton Lodge Park to the walled garden. Here we had a fruit stop and enjoyed the gardens, glasshouses and aviary. Further on in the park we passed the war memorial and visited the Hawick Museum and Scott Gallery before returning to the car park.

Flowers: black medick, greater knapweed, harebell, ivy leaved toadflax, marsh marigold, michaelmas daisy, orchids, ragged robin, red campion, silverweed, stitchwort, thyme, tormentil, tufted vetch, yellow vetchling.

Other: buzzard.

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