Gunnerside – Reeth

 ‘A’ Geoff Palmer  ‘B’ Kathleen Reavley

54 members set out to the Yorkshire Dales with a coffee stop in Richmond. The forecast was for a hot sunny day but fortunately it stayed dry and fairly overcast for both walks. The ‘A’ party set off from Gunnerside and then the coach parked beyond the village where there was space on a tight bend to park.  After lunch, 32 members set out along a stony track between fields shown on the map as a BOAT (byway open to all traffic). We walked along Dubbing Garth Lane bridleway to Haverdale House. After a stretch of road walking we joined another BOAT called Low Lane where we admired large clumps of nettle leaved bellfower growing in the verges. This was followed with a short stretch of road walking on open fell where we passed a stand of juniper bushes before deviating onto a bridleway across pleasant grassy fields leading down to the River Swale. A level walk followed before crossing the river on a swing bridge. A sharp ascent brought us to the edge of Reeth with a meander through a housing estate to reach the centre of the village. The coach had parked outside the primary school in Reeth, just a short walk from the centre of the village. Once the ‘A’ party had returned, we travelled to Richmond for the evening stop.

Flowers: bloody cranesbill, broad willowherb, burdock, elderflower, eyebright, field scabious, forget-me-not, greater knapweed, harebell, hawkbit, Himalyan balsam, meadowsweet, nettle leaved bellflower, ragwort, red campion, rosebay willowherb, self heal, tormentil, woundwort, yellow vetchling.

Other: elderberries, hazelnuts, juniper berries, mole, rabbits, raspberries, white butterflies.

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