Allendale Town

‘A’ Jennifer Bell  ‘B’ Gillian Walton

One full 57 seater took us to on the last walk of the season to Allendale Town after coffee in Hexham. The ‘A’ party set off upon arrival and after lunch 30 members went on the ‘B’ walk. We descended the hill to the River East Allen and followed the riverside path which was covered in autumn leaves for quite a way. We had to be careful in places as the path had been eroded and fallen into the river or the mud was so wet and sticky it made it difficult to keep upright – one or two slipped and fell today.  We ascended out of the wood to cross grass fields and a minor road to reach Old Town Farm. Here the cows in an adjacent field were very inquisitive and walked alongside us until the end of their field. There was a steep descent on Colliery Lane to reach the river again. A nice level grassy path was followed and at one point the path deviated into a private garden. Very much a gardener’s garden and quite a lot to see as we walked through.  A good track was followed to a road bridge over the river. Here several buildings had been converted to small workshops and most of the party stopped for afternoon refreshments in a rather nice cafe. The walk continued along the riverside retracing our route back to Allendale Town.  The ‘A’ party was delayed due to a lady falling in the muddy conditions and having to wait for an ambulance.  After being assessed by paramedics, it was decided she didn’t need hospital treatment. We travelled directly home. Today’s fare was charged at £5, making it the third walk this season where the fares have been reduced.

Flowers: bloody scabious, greater knapweed, harebell, hawkweed, herb robert, red valerian, yarrow.

Other:fly agaric, holly berries.

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