Sutton Bank – Helmsley

 ‘A’ Adam Bent  ‘B’ Kathleen Gilliland



58 members went to the North Yorkshire Moors today. After a coffee stop in Thirsk we travelled the short distance to Sutton Bank where 23 members set out on the ‘A’ walk. The coach carried on to Helmsley where after lunch 25 members did the ‘B’ walk.  This started by following the stream which runs through the village to woodland for a very level walk on a pleasant path. As we walked further into the wood, sounds of motorbikes could be heard. There was a speed trial taking place and in a couple of places the track crossed the footpath but it didn’t cause any problems.  A steep ascent brought us to grass fields and after the shelter of the woodland it became quite cool and breezy. However we soon reached another wood and after having a fruit stop we followed a stony path spotting lots of different wild spring flowers in bloom.  The final part of the walk was through grassy fields to return to Helmsley with it’s picturesque views of the stream adorned with bright yellow daffodils. The evening stop was in Sedgefield.

Flowers: bluebell, celandine, cowslip, opposite leaved golden saxifrage, primrose and strawberry flower.

Photo c. K>Nevin

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