Malham Circular

 ‘A’ Adam Bent  ‘B’ George Gibson

Malham scramble

Malham scramble

On a cool, overcast day, 53 members travelled to Malham stopping for coffee in Ripon. As we travelled from Gargrave to Malham on a narrow road we could see hundreds of walkers in the fields making their way to Malham. It transpired that there was a 100k circular walk from Skipton taking place today and the walkers had 22 hours to complete the circuit. Fortunately neither of our walks were that long.  The weather became warm and sunny for the rest of the day as 25 members set out on the ‘A’ walk while after lunch 23 set out on the ‘B’ walk following the track through woodland carpeted with wild garlic to Janet’s Foss waterfall. From there, we went to Gordale Scar and watched a female rock climber ascend a cliff face. We retraced our steps to a country lane and stopped for ice-cream before ascending fields to walk past the side of Malham Cove. We continued walking until we reached the Pennine Way and followed this track to the top of Malham Cove where we had to cross the limestone pavement with its huge gaps between the rocks before descending hundreds of steps to reach the bottom of the cove. Peregrine falcons nest here every year and one or two of our party managed to spot them flying into their nest on the cliff edge. The walk continued over fields to return to Malham.  The ‘A’ party’s walk included descending Gordale Scar, which involved a tricky descent next to the waterfall. However help was at hand by the use of a climbing rope supplied by the leader. Some of the group found it quite scary but also exhilarating at the same time. Not for the faint hearted! An evening stop in Ripon.

Flowers: birdseye primrose, bluebell, white bluebell, celandine, cowslip, crosswort, dogs mercury, eyebright, garlic mustard, germander speedwell, greater stitchwort, ladys smock, lesser stitchwort, marsh marigold, red campion, saxifrage, storksbill, violet, wild garlic and wild pansy.

Other: harts tongue fern, 2 peregrine falcons and skylarks.


On the limestone pavement. Now which way is it?

Photos c. K.Nevin, M.Bent

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