Grasmere Circular

   ‘A’ Geoff Palmer  ‘B’ Joan Donnelly

On a fine dry day, 52 members travelled to Grasmere with a coffee stop at Houghton Hall Garden Centre. 14 members went on the ‘A’ walk while after lunch 27 members set out on the ‘B’ walk by going through the village, passing the church and following a minor road towards the lake. However, we turned off onto a rocky path to ascend onto the fells over Huntingstile Crag. We eventually reached Elterwater where we stopped for refreshments at the local pub. A long stretch of road walking on minor roads passing through the hamlet of Oaks to reach Red Bank Wood. We walked along Loughrigg Terrace high above Grasmere Lake in lovely afternoon sunshine. We reached the main road and followed it back into Grasmere. The evening stop was in Barnard Castle.

Flowers: birdsfoot trefoil, bluebell, butterwort, claytonia, cotton grass, foxglove, garlic mustard, germander speedwell, greater stitchwort, heath bedstraw, herb bennet, herb robert, ladys mantle, ladys smock, milkwort, pignut, rhododendron, silverweed, tormentil, violet, yellow flag, yellow pimpernel and yellow saxifrage.

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