Summer walk: Kielder

17/05/14 Kielder Reservoir ‘A’ Ken Armstrong ‘B’ Pat Gardner
Another dry and sunny day as 50 members travelled to Kielder stopping for coffee in Hexham. The coach dropped 22 members of the ‘A’ party on the main road then travelled on to a point just south of Fairloans Farm on the road leading to Scotland where 25 members set out on the ‘B’ walk. After a very short stretch of road walking we deviated over rough ground to ascend to the source of the River North Tyne. A monument was recently erected to indicate the source. We retraced our route back to the road and shortly afterwards followed tracks through woodland on the side of Deadwater Fell. We stopped for lunch next to several log piles of recently cut tree trunks. We continued on, eventually passing the ‘A’ party coming in the opposite direction. We stood and observed puddles of water containing tadpoles and in another puddle fully grown newts. We crossed the road and followed a disused railway line to eventually walk through Kielder village and on to Kielder Castle. The cafe had a couple of monitors showing live coverage of activity on two osprey nests in the forest. The evening stop was spent in Hexham.

Flowers: bluebell, bugle, coltsfoot, crosswort, cuckoo flower, eyebright, greater speedwell, greater stitchwort, lesser celandine, marsh marigold, milkwort, primrose, violet, wood anemone, wood sorrel and yellow pimpernel.

Other: buzzard, hare, kingfisher, newts, orange tip butterflies, oyster catcher, peacock butterfly, red cones on fir trees, small white butterflies, tadpoles and tortoiseshell butterflies.

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