Summer walk: Harestanes

14/06/14 Harestanes (near Jedburgh) ‘A’ Peter Gilliland ‘B’ Kathleen Gilliland
It was a horrible gloomy day as 54 members set out for the Scottish Borders stopping for coffee at the Jedburgh Woollen Mills. Fortunately the weather had changed for the better before the walks began. The coach parked up at the Harestanes Visitors Centre just north of Jedburgh and 26 members set out on the ‘A’ walk while 20 members set out a little later on the ‘B’ walk. Both parties made their way to the top of Peniel Heugh hill where a monument stands to commemerate the Battle of Waterloo. The ‘A’ party was already there having lunch when the ‘B’ party emerged from the woodland. Eventually, the ‘A’ party left in a westerly direction while the ‘B’ party went towards the east over the grassy fields. However, we encountered a large herd of cows with calves and a bull in one of the fields further on. We followed the fenceline to the next field but we had the same problem so we contined to follow the fence line to a wood. The gated entrance had an electified cable across the gate but it was easily disconnected until we climbed over the padlocked gate and followed a stony track to the main road. We continued on to ???????????? and met up with another couple of members who wanted to do a shorter walk. We crossed a bridge over the River Teviot and followed the Borders Abbey Way alongside the river on a level path to eventually return to Harestanes.A good 7 mile walk with a little bit of adventure today. The evening stop was in Hexham.

Flowers: chickweed, comfrey, crosswort, dog rose, elderflower, germander speedwell, greater stitchwort, herb bennet, orange hawkweed, orchid, red campion, silverweed, storksbill and valerian.

Other: 3 hares, heard cuckoo, heron and yellow hammer bird.

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