Summer walk: Morebattle

26/07/14 Morebattle ‘A’ Adam Bent ‘B’ Kathleen Gilliland
On one of the hottest days of the year, 54 members travelled to the Scottish Borders, stopping for coffee at the Jedburgh Woollen Mills. As we travelled to Morebattle, the ‘B’ party alighted at Cessford (32 in number) to do a linear walk back to Jedburgh. 22 members opted for the ‘A’ walk today, walking mainly on St Cuthbert’s Way on the highest part of this long distance walk. The ‘B’ party followed stony tracks and field edges for an undulating walk following St Cuthbert’s Way in the opposite direction to the ‘A’ party. All around us the fields containing grain crops were aglow with a beautiful stunning golden sheen. The lunch stop was in woodland to make use of some shade. As we continued on, the heat began to affect some people and I had to arrange for the coach to meet 9 members at the roadside while the rest of the party followed the Borders Abbey Way into Jedburgh. It was so hot that most people bought cold drinks at the Jedburgh Woollen Mills and sat in the shade until it was time to travel to Morebattle to collect the ‘A’ party some of which were suffering from the heat. We stopped in Hexham on the way home.

Flowers: broad willowherb, green alkanet, meadowsweet, mimulus, ragwort and rosebay willowherb.

Other: buzzard, red deer, stoat and yellow hammer birds.

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