Summer walk: Blubberhouses

9/08/14 Blubberhouses – Ilkley ‘A’ Peter Gilliland ‘B’ Kathleen Gilliland
On a dry sunny day 47 members travelled to Yorkshire today, stopping for coffee and scones (paid for by the club) at the Millstones on the A59. The ‘A’ party, 19 in number set off on their walk from a layby next to Blubberhouses reservoir for a 9.5 mile linear walk to Ilkley. The coach continued to Bolton Abbey where 25 members set off for a 6.5 mile walk to Ikley. The ‘B’ walk was a stretch of the Dales Way, a long distance walk from Ilkley to Bowness-in-Windermere. The start of the walk was a short stretch of riverside path alongside the River Wharfe then along a very busy narrow road before going through fields adjacent to the road. Everyone stopped to put on waterproofs as a quick sharp shower appeared from nowhere. It soon passed as we reached a friends quaker meeting house. We looked inside before having lunch in the grounds. We rejoined the river to follow field paths to Addingham, passing the parish church and admiring the fine houses along the route. We walked through a former mill which had been redeveloped to form a small hamlet then rejoined the riverside which we followed to Ilkley where unbeknown to us there was a continental market taking place. A nice way to fill in time while awaiting the return of the ‘A’ party. An evening stop in Ripon tonight.

Flowers: heather, ragwort and tormentil.

Other: brambles, 3 herons, kingfisher and lords ‘n’ ladies berries.

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