Summer walk: Masham


Rainy day Masham

6/09/14 Masham Circular ‘A’ Bill Sillitoe ‘B’ Kathleen Reavley
With a dry start to the day 39 members travelled to Masham stopping for coffee in Ripon. The rain started just after the ‘A’ walk (19 in number) set out passing the Black Sheep brewery and after going through a residential street we reached the track to Micklebury Farm. Field paths were followed, stopping for lunch in a grassy field where a flock of geese flew in formation overhead.Further field paths and a quiet country lane were followed to reach the Druid’s Plantation. We followed the clarty woodland track to the Druid’s Temple. At this point it was pouring with rain, some viewed the structures while others found shelter but it was too wet to stop for long. A small group of people were setting up a canopy over one of the structures. It looked like a wedding ceremony was going to take place here the following day. We retraced our steps to the entrance to the wood and passed High Knowle farm which looked like it offered accommodation for large groups and campers. There were a number of tepees in an adjacent field. We descended the field and crossed the Sole Beck then followed a stony walled track to reach Micklebury Farm and we retraced our steps to Masham. After a prolonged stop we travelled directly home. Flowers: evening primrose, harebell, honeysuckle and mint. Other: acorns, brambles, geese and haws.

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