Summer walk: Rosedale Abbey. 4.4.15

‘A; Ken Armstrong ‘B’ Maria Regan/Mary Lou Davinson

c.K.GillilandAfter a very wet Good Friday it was a hopeful weather forecast of dry and sunny weather today but it started with drizzle. A full coach of 57 members set out for the North York Moors stopping for coffee in Guisborough. After which we followed a road just past the Lockwood Beck Reservoir to travel across the tops of the moors to Rosedale Abbey. 22 members set out on the ‘A’ walk and almost immediately ended up in clarty fields where some were sliding around and the leader falling down. We were adjacent to the Northdale Beck following it upstream until we ascended a hill to emerge on the road and a conifer plantation on the other side. Woodland paths led us to Clough House and we sat at a field edge for lunch watching a new born lamb trying to suckle for the very first time. We followed a bridleway to Swine Stye Hill where chickens and huge cockerels were strutting about and making plenty of racket. We walked onto the track of the disused Rosedale Ironstone Railway which was used to transport mined ore to Middlesborough. The mining activity is long gone with only the remnants of lime kilns and other industrial buildings. A pleasant grassy level walk ensued before descending to the head of Rosedale to Dale End Farm which served afternoon tea in china cups. We all sat outside in the garden because of our muddy boots and enjoyed tea in the sunshine. A nice civilised affair! We continued on to join the Daleside Road track, a gated bridleway eventually reaching Thorgill. Passing through Low Thorgill Farm we spotted a chicken with 6 tiny chicks scratching in the dirt. The tea stop was alongside a beck where some cleaned their muddy boots but to no avail because there was plenty more mud to come. We crossed saturated fields and got thoroughly muddy again. We passed by the side of an enormous caravan park to reach the centre of Rosedale Abbey. The ‘B’ party’s walk was the first section of the ‘A’ walk. 30 members also had a very clarty walk. The evening stop was in Guisborough.

Flowers: lesser celandine, opposite leaved golden saxifrage, primrose.

Other: kestrel, lapwings, 2 mallards, pheasants and 2 rabbits.

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