14/05/16 Reeth Circular ‘A’ Geoff Palmer ‘B’ Margaret Palmer

It was dry but very cold as 52 members travelled to Reeth stopping for coffee in Richmond. The coach parked outside the village school up a hill away from the centre of Reeth. The ‘A’ party set away by descending into the village and taking a path through houses to reach the River Swale which we crossed via a swing bridge. Then the steady climb started onto Harkerside Hill. It got steeper as we neared the top and finally stopped for lunch on the top of High Harker Hill. A level walk across the tops followed, passing the remains of various mining works. We descended on an extremely rocky track where the pace was very slow to ensure that no one injured themselves. We reached Low House Farm and followed a pleasant countryside lane lined with blackthorn blossom to Low Whit where we crossed the river via the road bridge. After a short stretch of road walking we reached a riverside path which was followed back to Reeth. Flowers: blackthorn, bluebell, butterbur, crosswort, dog violet, dogs mercury, forget-me-not, garlic mustard, greater stitchwort, herb robert, lesser celandine, marsh marigold, primrose, purple orchid, ramson, red campion, sweet cicely, wild pansy, wild strawberry and wood sorrel. Other: duckings, 2 geese,

goldfinch, heard cuckoo, mallards, oyster catchers, pheasants and chicks, rabbits, tadpoles and thrush.

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