28/05/16 Danby High Moor to Egton ‘A’ Eddie Ashburner ‘B’ Pat Gardner

Another dry and cold day saw 42 members travel to the North York Moors stopping for coffee in Guisborough. On the top of the moors near Danby Head, 18 members alighted the coach for the start of the ‘A’ walk. Moorland tracks were followed over Glaisdale Moor. We picked up a wide stony track on Glaisdale Rigg and stopped to watch several grouse crossing the track with lots of baby chicks. We found a comfortable seat in the heather for lunch and saw more grouse and chicks on the track. We descended to the village of Glaisdale and enjoyed refreshments in a cafe within a shed in a garden. At the far end of Glaisdale we stood and admired the Beggars Bridge which was built by Thomas Ferris in 1619. Ferris was a poor man who hoped to wed the daughter of a wealthy local squire. In order to win her hand, he planned to set sail from Whitby to make his fortune. On the night that he left, the River Esk was swollen with rainfall and he was unable to make a last visit to his intended. He eventually returned from his travels a rich man and, after marrying the squire’s daughter built Beggars Bridge so that no other lovers would be separated as they were. We didn’t cross this bridge but followed paths through East Arnecliff Wood to reach the hamlet of Egton Bridge, the end of the walk. The ‘A’ party had returned before the 19 members of the ‘B’ party, so some of us viewed the local Roman Catholic Church of St Hedda. It is a large and beautiful church and it contains the relics of Father Nicholas Postgate was had been born in the village but became a martyr because in 1679 he was executed for continuing to practice his faith. The ‘B’ party were late getting back due to the confusion of the route that the coach had to take after dropping off the ‘A’ party at Danby Head. The evening stop was in Guisborough. Flowers: black medick, bluebell, bugle, claytonia, cotton grass, dog violet, eyebright, flowering rush, forget-me-not, germander speedwell, gorse, greater stitchwort, green alkanet, harts tongue fern, hawthorn blossom, herb bennet, herb robert, milkwort, pignut, primrose, ramson, red campion, spearwort, tormentil, tufted vetch, welsh poppy, wild strawberry, wood sorrel and yellow pimpernel.

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