Annual Outing – Saltaire

Annual Outing – Saltaire  22/07/17

On a very wet morning 54 members set out for Saltaire, stopping for coffee in Ripon. While in Ripon, the heavens opened and there was torrential rain for a time. However, when we reached East Riddlesden, where 21 members opted for a linear walk along the tow path on the Leeds-Liverpool canal with Peter Gilliland, it was a beautiful sunny day and it remained so for the rest of the afternoon. The coach continued on to Saltaire and parked for the rest of the day. There was plenty to keep everyone occupied such as shopping in Salts Mill, following a self guided walk through the village with its magnificent stone buildings, Roberts Park with its beautiful colourful flower beds, short walks along the tow path and even a ride on a narrow boat. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a great day after the awful wet start. One of our members spotted a jumping fish in the canal with ‘a red belly’. I think it could have been a minnow as the male’s belly and fins redden before spawning in summer.

Flowers: arrowhead, broadleaved willowherb, meadow cranesbill, meadowsweet, ragwort, red campion, spearwort, yellow waterlily.

Other: brambles, Canada geese, ducks, minnow fish.

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