Summer walk: Belford

16/09/17 Belford to Wooler ‘A’ Jennifer Bell ‘B’ Ken Nevin

On a cool showery day 40 members travelled into Northumberland stopping for coffee at the Heighley Gate Garden Centre. The start of both walks was at the tiny hamlet of Detchant just off the A1 road. Both parties walked together following a minor road to its end at Greymare Farm. There followed a steady climb on moorland tracks and the ‘A’ party continued on at a faster pace to get ahead of the ‘B’ party. St Cuthbert’s Way was followed to a rickety stile into woodland and St Cuthbert’s Cave where the ‘A’ party were having lunch. Everyone snuggled down to avoid the cool breeze with some finding shelter in the overhanging rocks of the so called ‘cave’. Shortly afterwards, the ‘A’ party were on their way to Wooler. Meanwhile, the ‘B’ party had a much more leisurely walk to Belford. They followed woodland tracks through Cockenhaugh Woods then tracks to Swinhoe Farm. While meandering on muddy paths through a wood, one of our party took ill and we eventually managed to reach a dwelling where a lift was arranged for the sick person. The rest of the party continued on a farm track to Belford. The coach then travelled to Wooler to collect the ‘A’ party and we had an evening stop in Morpeth. Flowers: harebell, heather, honeysuckle, meadowsweet, tormentil and yarrow. Other: brambles, 2 buzzards, haws, heron and sweet chestnuts.

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