Summer walk: Eston Nab

30/09/17 Eston Nab & Roseberry Topping ‘A’ Gary O’Hagan ‘B’ Eddie Ashburner

After leaving from Stanley we had a coffee stop at Guisborough before arriiving at the start point of both walks – Flatts Lane Country Park in Normanby. This park is a very nice place to spend some time, having signed walks and an arboretum, but the walks beckoned. 12 ‘A’ party members set off out of the park heading for the local high spot of Eston Nab with 25 members of the ‘B’ party following soon after, the first few miles being common to both. The ‘B’ party took a leisurely pace through the muddy woods and then carefully climbed the steep path via Eston Moor to the Nab. The path itself gave us great views to the North through to the West across Teesside and County Durham. There was much discussion of what we could actually see from the rest stops. Reaching the top after two miles or so we took lunch seated in the lee of the hill, avoiding the breeze, looking over the North Sea. The Nab is the site of Bronze Age burial mounds and an Iron Age fort. It was also a lookout at the time of the Napoleonic wars, commemorated by the large sandstone monument on site. Modern communication antennae also adorn the hilltop. After lunch we descended via a cinder track and then via field edge footpaths. Evidence of the many old ironstone mines was visible on the way. Huge toadstools were also seen in the wooded sections, photos being taken. No wildlife was spotted despite both a stoat and a weasel being seen on the recce. At the 4 mile point, the ‘A’ and ‘B’ routes split, the ‘A’ party continuing south towards Roseberry Topping. The ‘B’ party turned west through a wooded area on a footpath which we had arranged to be cleared of the dense overgrowth. A refreshment stop gave us a lovely view of the Topping. Continuing in convoy via a field of cows, we entered the muddy woodlands and returned to the start at the 5.5 mile point. Luckily we got back just before the rain shower that had been threatening started. The coach then took us to pick up a slightly soggy ‘A’ party from Newton Under Roseberry. We then returned home via the evening stop at Guisborough. Many thanks to Eddie Ashburner for this report.

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