Summer walk: Bamburgh

18/08/18 Bamburgh Circular  ‘A’ Tom Bell  ‘B’ Gillian Walton

Another lovely dry day as a full coach of 57 members travelled to the Northumberland Coast after a coffee stop in Alnwick. 20 members set out on the ‘A’ walk while 35 did the ‘B’ walk which started by reaching the beach at the side of Bamburgh Castle with an undulating walk through the sand dunes. We turned left to walk along the beach straight into a headwind. It was so windy that the sand was blowing across the surface of the beach. It was head down and keep on walking. We stopped for lunch in the shelter of Harkness Rocks sitting on the grassy sand dunes. At Budle Point we turned inland and the wind was ferocious as we battled our way alongside the Budle Water. To catch our breath we stood and watched surfers using parachutes gliding and lifting into the air from the water. It was safe for them in the bay rather than on the open sea where they could easily have been blown out to sea. We followed a minor road towards Glororum picking big juicy brambles on the way. Field paths took us to Dukesfield Farm. We stopped for fruit, sheltered from the wind. The views to the coast were impressive, the sea being a beautiful blue and the sand golden yellow, reminiscent of the Mediterranean. We walked alongside the main road back into Bamburgh. With it being such a beautiful day, the village and its teashops were busy, too busy to accommodate everyone, so some opted for ice-creams instead. We stopped in Alnwick for the evening stop. Flowers: broad willowherb, dog rose, harebell, meadow cranesbill, red campion, rosebay willowherb, sea campion, sea rocket, sea thift, silverweed, sow thistle, tufted vetch, white campion. Other: brambles, curlew, haws, heron, jellyfish.

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