Summer walk: Lockton

1/09/18 Lockton to Pickering  ‘A’ Adam Bent  ‘B’ Eddie Ashburner

On a beautiful sunny day 52 members travelled to the North Yorkshire Dales stopping for coffee in Guisborough. Both parties started walking from the same place: Lockton. The ‘A’ party, 20 in number, set away towards the Hole of Horcum while 25 members did the ‘B’ walk which started by going through this quaint little village with interesting houses and colourful gardens. We followed a muddy track with a steep descent to reach a minor road then followed a well defined level track through fields. We sat to have our lunch in the grassy fields while some opted to sit in an open barn. Eventually we reached the hamlet of Farwath and entered woodland where the route ran close by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway tracks. In places the railway was obscured by tall hedging but we spotted 2 trains pass by, one of which was for a wedding party. These old steam trains were very noisy so you could hear them approaching from a long way off. We followed various tracks to reach Newbridge and walked into Pickering via road paths. It turned out to be a scorching hot day with no breeze so ice-creams were in great demand after the walk. Flowers: convolvulus, devilsbit scabious, enchanters nightshade, foxglove, greater knapweed, ragwort, rosebay willowherb, silverweed, tormentil. Other: apples, brambles, burdocks, elderberries, guelder rose berries, haws, rowan berries, tiny frog, tortoiseshell butterflies, vole, white geese.

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