‘A’ David Killens ‘B’ Doris Farley

wet crossing woolerReport by Jennifer Bell – 47 members travelled to Wooler for the day, roughly 24 on the ‘A’ walk and 20 on the ‘B’ walk. A walk set off from Hethpool following St Cuthbert’s Way skirting Newton Tors then climbing up past Yeavering Bell where you can see the remains of the hill fort. From there we passed Tom Tallon’s Crag then followed a path across the moors dropping down to below Wooler Common and picking a path up to and over Kenterdale Hill, before descending into Wooler. The ‘B’ party walked from Wooler to Fowberry Moor Farm then on to Fowberry Mains and returning through the heather across Weetwood Moor. An extended stay in Wooler before travelling directly home.

Flowers: cotton grass, devilsbit scabious and harebell.

Other: 2 buzzards.

Photo c. K.Nevin

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