Summer walk: West Witton

14/04/18 West Witton Circular  ‘A’ Ken Armstrong  ‘B’ Pat Gardner

Another low turnout, 38 members headed for the Yorkshire Dales on a dry and sunny day. After a coffee stop in Richmond, the coach travelled to West Witton and managed to park in a lay-by at the east end of the village. 17 members set out on the ‘A’ walk to walk along the flanks of Penhill and visit the Knights Templar chapel remains. The ‘B’ party consisted of 18 members and they too walked below Penhill. The coach returned to Leyburn for the afternoon for 2 non walkers and later that afternoon travelled back to West Witton to pick up firstly the ‘B’ party and then another trip to pick up the ‘A’ party. There’s not much fun sitting in a coach in a lay-by for a couple of hours awaiting the returning party. At least in Leyburn you could get refreshments. The evening stop was spent in Richmond. Flowers: blue grass, celandine, coltsfoot, daffodil, dogs mercury, primrose, snowdrop. Other: curlew, pied wagtail.

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