Summer walk: Goathland

28/04/18 Goathland Circular  ‘A’ Bill Sillitoe,  ‘B’ Margaret Hope

It was a cold, cloudy start as 48 members travelled to the North Yorkshire Dales stopping for coffee in Guisborough. It was cloudy and overcast as 19 members set out on the ‘A’ walk which turned out to be very difficult due to long periods of ‘heather hopping’ making for tired legs. After lunch, 25 members did the ‘B’ walk and everyone got caught in a light rain shower. By the time both parties returned the coffee shops were all closing except for the railway station cafe so it was frequented by most of our members. The evening stop was in Sedgefield but it proved unsatisfactory so it was decided not to stop there on future outings. Flowers: celandine, dog violet, forget-me-not, gorse, greater stitchwort, green alkanet, opposite leaved golden saxifrage, primrose, ramson, wild strawberry, wood anemone, wood sorrel. Other: 2 deer in field on way home.

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